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Interior accessories in the Scandinavian style often the harsh interiors and add a taste to classic arrangements. Here are the accessories in the Scandinavian style that are the most fashionable in interior decoration.

Fascination with the Scandinavian style is still going on and will probably last for a long time. The reason is obvious, Scandinavian interiors are distinguished by functionality, aesthetics and simplicity. See what interior accessories will help you create the original interior in the Scandinavian style.

Decorative cushions, candlesticks, lanterns, interestingly designed lamps are the most popular Scandinavian accessories. What are they different? For sure, white color and interesting projects. Wood, linen, cotton are the main materials that adorn the Scandinavian interiors. A characteristic feature of Scandinavian interiors are furniture, accessories and objects stylized as old, as if they had undergone a renovation and were left in a not very perfect condition. This is an arrangement procedure, but often giving surprising, even amazing effects.

Interior decoration in the Scandinavian style allows you to combine what old and new, rustic decorations with modern. As you can see in our gallery of accessories in the Scandinavian style, there is no shortage of inspiration. The basis of this style are whites and grays, as well as natural wood or painted white. Such is a universal base, which can be easily adapted to decorative elements. The Scandinavian style is exceptionally friendly for lovers of interior design experiments. The neutral background adopts all colors and patterns, which, while maintaining a little color discipline, creates a harmonious whole.

It’s definitely not that simple to arrange a flat in the right style. If we want our rooms to look great, we should pay a lot of attention to the style chosen by them and only to combine different types of furniture and accessories. Otherwise, it may turn out that our flat will not look attractive. If you are looking for good quality furniture and accessories, you should visit the Fantasmiko ( brand. Certainly it is in Fantasmiko that we will find all the necessary things for our home or flat.

Luxury furniture the best solution

The furniture in our homes has long ceased to fulfill only the practical role, and their use is not just to provide space for the necessary items. Sofas, armchairs, corners, and hokery are elegant furniture that decorate our interiors, are objects on the border between two worlds, usable and art.

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Amazing accessories of Gentner

If only household appliances and electronics, as well as furniture, would be in our home, it would definitely be a home without a soul. Fortunately, there are various additions to the home, thanks to which the interiors will take on the character we expect. A wide selection of various decorations, including those of a utilitarian character, means that everyone will certainly find something interesting for themselves.

Modern decorations

What interior furnishings are worth considering? Currently, very modern decorations are popular, which immediately stand out from the other additions. Such home Gentner accessories are characterized by a rather simple shape, often a uniform color, and also a fairly expensive form.
Modern decorations and interior design elements are usually made of glass, ceramics, metal and even concrete. Depending on the particular decor, home accessories can slightly insulate the interior or give it even more stringency. Decorations on canvas are particularly welcome, especially in the form of triptychs. They allow for elegant decorating of walls, without the excessive amount of decorations hung on the walls. Modern home decorations are also often considered as functional art. This means that in such interiors we focus on everyday accessories with an original appearance.

Importance of lighting

There is no second room in the house that would require as diverse lighting as the living room. We use all types of lamps here such as ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps. The light must be planned so that you can use different light sources independently. One switch off, other switch on. Living room Gentner lighting must fulfill three functions: first – illuminate well, that is, light up the entire room and precisely illuminate the individual zones. Second – decorate, or build a mood. Thirdly, highlight some items of equipment, for example, illuminate the picture

To prepare the most beatiful living room ever it is necessary to combine attractive accessories and furniture together with other decoratives. It is neccessary to remember that lighting plays an important role as well.