How to find good paper chandelier?

In modern interiors, what traditionally was only a detail is replaced by a distinctive form and definitely stands out in the foreground. It is no different with lighting, in a modern style, hanging lamps accept either raw, industrial or fanciful shapes. However, modernity has many names.

Many people, as associations with modernity, will come first to the combination of black, white and gray and strong, geometric lines. For this furniture with very simple or on the other hand slightly cosmic shapes, almost no ornaments and trinkets. Hanging lamp for the living room, which fits in such a graphic style, should also look similar. So shades will be great, composed of geometric lines like paper origami sculptures, with a minimalist shape, but a distinctive color, or designed with a fancy fantasy design, in the shape of pompoms, blots or overlapping and penetrating elements. The perfect colors for such a living room are gray, white, black, but also red, which will brighten the room or contrast with the raw furniture with gold, copper or chrome.


Paper chandeliers are also very popular. This paper chandelier is increasingly used in many rooms. Paper lampshades, like their counterparts made of fabric or plastic, come in various shapes, colors and sizes. We will find models made of thin tissue paper, formed in the shape of flowers, and geometric solids made of stiff cardboard. Among the colors, white prevails, because the shades made of it are stylistically neutral and optically light, but there is no lack of other colors, such as green, violet or blue. Large paper balls inspired by oriental lanterns are very popular, mainly due to the low price, simple construction and universal character. Particularly noteworthy, however, are models designed to delight the original design. Shades that look like crumpled, soft clouds or harmonious waltzes are just some of the designs available in stores. We can find almost all kinds of paper chandeliers in stores, which we want. It is a perfect piece of equipment for every room.