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The best ideas for home from PietHeinEek

designer table by Piet Hein Eek

If you were thinking about remodeling your house or its surroundings, you’re in a good place. The Dutch brand with unique ideas and great quality will make you rediscover the space around you.

PietHeinEek – for the lovers of original ideas

Piet Hein furniture can be described with two words: unique and amazing. The ideas of chairs, lamps, tables and many more will make your surroundings interesting, mysterious and intriguing all at once. If you discover this brand, you will always remember and love it!

Piet Hein tables for all occasions

PietHeinEek is a brand coming from The Netherlands and it inspires people all over the world. Many of them are especially fond of tables of this brand, as they are spacious, interesting and durable. Piet Hein table is a great example, that you can have trendy furniture even if you have kids or animals at home: PietHeinEek can survive!

It doesn’t matter, if you want to drink tea, read a magazine or simply put the table in your living room for the looks: Piet Hein will provide you with high quality. You can make all the rooms look really luxurious and modern at the same time – just check out the newest Piet Hein furniture offers. The brans is also known from collaboration with many other companies – i.e., in 2018, they teamed up with IKEA and created a joint collection.

Care about environment

Piet Hein furniture is not only about the looks, but also about our planet. All the products created by this company are made out of ecological, recyclable materials. You can have stylish, modern insides and care about the planet all at the same time.

The best lasivit light

Lamps are a multifunctional element of the interior design. They illuminate, decorate, bring out the texture of the walls and correct the proportions of the rooms. When choosing lighting for the living room, let’s consider what effect we want to achieve. Living room lighting should be well thought out. Here’s what to look for when buying a lamp.

Lighting plays a very important role in interior design, because it has many functions. In addition to giving light, the lamps decorate and create a mood. With their help, we can also extract the texture of the walls or adjust the proportions of the room. When choosing the lighting for the living room, let’s focus on what effect we want to achieve. Depending on the interior design, we can choose a traditional chandelier, fabulously colorful shades or lamps surprising with original design. Remember, however, that the optimal lasvit lighting of our interiors does not mean the brightest possible, only adapted to the given zone in the apartment.

Before you decide to buy, always ask to turn on the selected lamp. The light passing through the colored lampshade can have a shade that will irritate you. Choose lampshades made of opaque materials or two-element lampshades. Watch out for the wealth of shapes. Modern lamps delight with forms. Sometimes it is difficult to resist buying. However, it may turn out that we have a few design lamps at home, which look beautiful on their own, but do not match each other or interior design. The safest way is to put on one fanciful model in a room, eg. Lasvit Lighting. When browsing catalogs with lamps, pay attention to the arrangements in which they are located.

How to find good paper chandelier?

In modern interiors, what traditionally was only a detail is replaced by a distinctive form and definitely stands out in the foreground. It is no different with lighting, in a modern style, hanging lamps accept either raw, industrial or fanciful shapes. However, modernity has many names.

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Henzel Studio the best solution

Although white is the most popular color in interiors, its excess can make the apartment not only boring, but also devoid of style and climate. These colors give the interiors a friendly atmosphere that positively affects the mood of the household. Colored accessories can add character to interiors and transform even a very classic arrangement. Only how to choose them to achieve the intended effect?

Colors play a very important role in arranging the apartment. They allow you to revive the interior in a simple way, thanks to which we feel more comfortable. The color of the additives is of key importance for the entire arrangement. However, it must be remembered that too wide range of colors can bring the opposite effect from the intended one and instead of reviving, will make the household feel overwhelmed by too many colors. It should also be taken into account that not every color matches a particular room. That is why colorful accessories should be selected depending on whether we decorate the kitchen, bedroom or living room. Keeping the right proportions, it will certainly create a unique arrangement, spending little money.

The living room is a unique place in every home. Therefore, you can not underestimate the role that add-ons play in it. It’s best to choose the ones in green and blue shades in the living room. It is known from today that these colors have a positive effect on our well-being and relax. At the end of what atmosphere will prevail in the apartment, depends on our mood and mood.

What accessories to choose from to the living room to liven up the interior? Put on colorful pillows, bedspreads, carpet, vase or clock on the wall. You can also break the monotony by opting for colorful wall decorations. However, you need to keep in mind the living room area. The larger the space, the more can be added. However, if our living room is not too large, two colorful elements will be enough, and it will be exceptionally cozy and atmospheric. When looking for the right accessories for our salon, it is worth choosing a reputable manufacturer such as Henzel Studio ( It is in Henzel Studio that we find all the things we need.

Luxury furniture the best solution

The furniture in our homes has long ceased to fulfill only the practical role, and their use is not just to provide space for the necessary items. Sofas, armchairs, corners, and hokery are elegant furniture that decorate our interiors, are objects on the border between two worlds, usable and art.

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Amazing accessories of Gentner

If only household appliances and electronics, as well as furniture, would be in our home, it would definitely be a home without a soul. Fortunately, there are various additions to the home, thanks to which the interiors will take on the character we expect. A wide selection of various decorations, including those of a utilitarian character, means that everyone will certainly find something interesting for themselves.

Modern decorations

What interior furnishings are worth considering? Currently, very modern decorations are popular, which immediately stand out from the other additions. Such home Gentner accessories are characterized by a rather simple shape, often a uniform color, and also a fairly expensive form.
Modern decorations and interior design elements are usually made of glass, ceramics, metal and even concrete. Depending on the particular decor, home accessories can slightly insulate the interior or give it even more stringency. Decorations on canvas are particularly welcome, especially in the form of triptychs. They allow for elegant decorating of walls, without the excessive amount of decorations hung on the walls. Modern home decorations are also often considered as functional art. This means that in such interiors we focus on everyday accessories with an original appearance.

Importance of lighting

There is no second room in the house that would require as diverse lighting as the living room. We use all types of lamps here such as ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps and wall lamps. The light must be planned so that you can use different light sources independently. One switch off, other switch on. Living room Gentner lighting must fulfill three functions: first – illuminate well, that is, light up the entire room and precisely illuminate the individual zones. Second – decorate, or build a mood. Thirdly, highlight some items of equipment, for example, illuminate the picture

To prepare the most beatiful living room ever it is necessary to combine attractive accessories and furniture together with other decoratives. It is neccessary to remember that lighting plays an important role as well.