Month: November 2018

The best lasivit light

Lamps are a multifunctional element of the interior design. They illuminate, decorate, bring out the texture of the walls and correct the proportions of the rooms. When choosing lighting for the living room, let’s consider what effect we want to achieve. Living room lighting should be well thought out. Here’s what to look for when buying a lamp.

Lighting plays a very important role in interior design, because it has many functions. In addition to giving light, the lamps decorate and create a mood. With their help, we can also extract the texture of the walls or adjust the proportions of the room. When choosing the lighting for the living room, let’s focus on what effect we want to achieve. Depending on the interior design, we can choose a traditional chandelier, fabulously colorful shades or lamps surprising with original design. Remember, however, that the optimal lasvit lighting of our interiors does not mean the brightest possible, only adapted to the given zone in the apartment.

Before you decide to buy, always ask to turn on the selected lamp. The light passing through the colored lampshade can have a shade that will irritate you. Choose lampshades made of opaque materials or two-element lampshades. Watch out for the wealth of shapes. Modern lamps delight with forms. Sometimes it is difficult to resist buying. However, it may turn out that we have a few design lamps at home, which look beautiful on their own, but do not match each other or interior design. The safest way is to put on one fanciful model in a room, eg. Lasvit Lighting. When browsing catalogs with lamps, pay attention to the arrangements in which they are located.