The best ideas for home from PietHeinEek

designer table by Piet Hein Eek

If you were thinking about remodeling your house or its surroundings, you’re in a good place. The Dutch brand with unique ideas and great quality will make you rediscover the space around you.

PietHeinEek – for the lovers of original ideas

Piet Hein furniture can be described with two words: unique and amazing. The ideas of chairs, lamps, tables and many more will make your surroundings interesting, mysterious and intriguing all at once. If you discover this brand, you will always remember and love it!

Piet Hein tables for all occasions

PietHeinEek is a brand coming from The Netherlands and it inspires people all over the world. Many of them are especially fond of tables of this brand, as they are spacious, interesting and durable. Piet Hein table is a great example, that you can have trendy furniture even if you have kids or animals at home: PietHeinEek can survive!

It doesn’t matter, if you want to drink tea, read a magazine or simply put the table in your living room for the looks: Piet Hein will provide you with high quality. You can make all the rooms look really luxurious and modern at the same time – just check out the newest Piet Hein furniture offers. The brans is also known from collaboration with many other companies – i.e., in 2018, they teamed up with IKEA and created a joint collection.

Care about environment

Piet Hein furniture is not only about the looks, but also about our planet. All the products created by this company are made out of ecological, recyclable materials. You can have stylish, modern insides and care about the planet all at the same time.