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Thinking about the chandelier, in general, we have the interior of a palace, manor house or other sumptuous and, above all, old building. Does this association, however, translate into a real world and no one uses chandeliers anymore? Certainly not. There are solutions of this type, which also work well in modern interiors.


Although the very concept of lighting rooms through many interconnected light sources is derived from antiquity, the implementation of this assumption may take various forms. Which of them are the most popular?


There are at least several types of chandeliers. The most popular ones are certainly: classic chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, glass chandeliers. The division is, of course, quite conventional, as one construction will often fit several categories. Similarly, it will be with the use of individual types, as often the solutions maintained in a classic style will perfectly match modern or designer interiors, everything depends of course on our taste and taste.


Modern apartments require modern chandeliers. Certainly, stylized constructions with frames imitating candles do not work in them, or those that beat the eyes with golden and sometimes somewhat kitschy decorations. There are, however, a lot of minimalist chandeliers in universal and matching colors of black, white or gray, or using unpainted metal elements in steel or aluminum. There is also a lack of post-industrial structures or strictly designer solutions created by renowned designers from around the world. All these constructions will perfectly match modern interiors, adding them a climate and pleasant diffused light, so important for building a sense of comfort in your own home.


If you decide to buy a chandelier for your home, you should choose a modern model, such as Cameron Mathieson. Recently, Cameron Mathieson has gained a lot of popularity among many customers. Although they are often not cheap products, we can be sure that they are of excellent quality. Therefore, they will serve us for many years.